We worked with Kingston University to relaunch their Business and Law School magazine, View from the Hill. With three issues under their belt already, the marketing department wanted a complete redesign to renew appeal among staff, alumni and stakeholders.


We had input into all of the magazine's visual elements including designing the adverts

Kingston Business and Law School used their flagship magazine, View from the Hill, as a platform for reaching out to staff, students and alumni.

A design for the magazine had already been established, although it stuck closely to the University's corporate guidelines which left it lacking personality. Part of the brief allowed us to break free from the guidelines to create something more visually-led and engaging.

We set the whole magazine in a new typeface to give it a unique voice and tie the different elements together visually. A grid with a floating column gave us flexibility when laying out the pages.

It was important for the feature articles to have real impact. We used a mixture of photography and illustration to communicate the main points of each article.  We also commissioned a local illustrator to create visuals for the cover, lead article and profile pages.


A grid with a floating column gave us flexibility when laying out the different sections


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