Based in the heart of London and voted Europe's number one research graduate school in 2015, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) offers postgraduate courses in public and global health across a range of disciplines.


We created flexible grids to work with different types of information, from infographics to data-heavy course pages

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is a leading research institution that specialises in global and public health, working collaboratively with partners across the world to help tackle diseases such as malaria and HIV. They have over 1,000 students in London and people working in 180 different countries.

The School had used the same prospectus design for five years so it was no longer relevant for the current audience. The brief called for a fresh approach that reflected the university's current standing and made use of infographics to engage prospective students.

Rather than place the emphasis on student experience, our idea focused on the positive impacts of LSHTM's work. Each section start has a full spread image which illustrates a certain aspect of LSHTM's research, from nutrition in South Asia to vaccinations in Africa.

We used a flexible grid system to best present different types of information, from image-led infographics to data-heavy course listings. We also brought a separate application booklet into the back of the publication as a perforated tip-in which saved on print costs and made the prospectus the complete package.


To keep the emphasis on LSHTM's global impact we played down the pictures of students and played up where in the world they had come from

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